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Add Icon for the Asset Browser
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The Asset Browser is a new editor and needs an icon.
(Technically it's a sub-editor of the File Browser.)

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Something obvious (if drawn by someone else) would be a bank. A nice place to keep some assets...

Other two images that somehow come to my mind thinking of an asset browser are either a briefcase or a file cabinet.

If you are talking about an editor type icon then it is already here ASSET_MANAGER.

If you are talking about an editor type icon then it is already here ASSET_MANAGER.

Didn't notice that! Although the "stack of books" doesn't work that well for me. Seem more like a collection of knowledge - like the manual. I still like the "bank" imagery: put some of your valuable assets in, and take some out. Filing cabinets and briefcases are too close to our "Collection" icon.

Julian Eisel (Severin) moved this task from Restricted Project Column to Restricted Project Column on the Restricted Project board.Nov 14 2020, 1:54 AM

Changed to the ASSET_MANAGER icon (rB782879f82d7f), I did not know this existed.
We can evaluate the design, so moved this to the "Ready for Testing" column as the most appropriate one.

I actually quite like the icon with the books. For me the best metaphor to asset browsing is a library visit and I thought about switching UI terminology to a language based on this metaphor. E.g. I'm thinking about using the term Asset Libraries instead of Repositories. See UI Language Scheme Proposal in T82015: Asset Management Terminology.

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Okay, given that there already is an icon, I'm gonna close this task. If somebody thinks we should change it, we can talk about it. But I'm happy with the current icon and don't see a reason to keep a ToDo task open for this.