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Enable pen tilt support by default
Needs Triage, NormalPublicDESIGN


This task keeps track of the tested devices in order to enable pen tilt support by default.
The reason this feature was committed as experimental was because it is not clear what devices and OS configurations are supported and what devices we are planning to support.
Right now the feature can be enabled in alpha builds as a experimental feature and used in some sculpt tools (draw sharp, scrape, clay strips...).


  • Wacom Cintiq Pro 16 - Ubuntu 20.04
  • Wacom Cintiq Pro 24 - Ubuntu 20.04
  • Wacom Cintiq Pro 24 - Manjaro 19 GNOME
  • Wacom Intuos Pro M - Ubuntu 20.04
  • Wacom Intuos Pro M - Pop OS 20.04

Not working:

  • Wacom Mobilestudio Pro 16 - Windows 10 (y tilt axis is inverted)
  • Huion Kamvas 13 - Windows 10 (y tilt axis is inverted)

Event Timeline

Having list of supported configurations is surely useful, but design should also be giving description of what the system is for users. For example:

  • How sculpting mode utilizes the tilt support:
    • Which tools have tilt support
    • What behavior of a tool is controlled by tilt
    • What are possible tool configurations
  • How to make Blender to use Tilt (if any of configuration is needed: are specific drivers needed, or is everything working "out-of-the-box").

the Y axis is also inverted on Huion kamvas 13 on windows 10