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GPencil: Export to SVG
Confirmed, NormalPublicTO DO


Status: Export grease pencil drawings to SVG format to be used in other softwares.


Commissioner: @Antonio Vazquez (antoniov), @Matias Mendiola (mendio), @Daniel Martinez Lara (pepeland)
Project leader: @Antonio Vazquez (antoniov)
Project members: @Antonio Vazquez (antoniov), @Matias Mendiola (mendio), @Daniel Martinez Lara (pepeland), @Falk David (filedescriptor)


Big picture: In a studio pipeline, several tools are used to create th production. To have a SVG exporter allows to import grease pencil drawings.

Use cases:

  • Import in different softwares.


Engineer plan:

  • To do the export, a new C++ class will be added to the IO export module for grease pencil.
  • The export needs the open source pugixml. This library is part of blender already, just need to be shared with grease pencil export module.

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