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Blue screen
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i am using blender version 2.91. Whenever i open up blender and keep it open after a while, my entire pc crashes and a blue screen pops up (i attached a photo). This happens every single time. I have been looking around on forums in order to identify the problem and see how i can fix it, but it only made me more confused. Should i install better drivers somehow? I own a RTX GeForce graphics card, so i am puzzled on why it would keep doing this. I have read that it is because the program uses too much RAM and causes the system to shut down and reboot. If so, is there something i can do about it? Thanks.

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Again, thanks to anyone in advance.

I'd start by unistalling, updating, maybe replacing your McAfee antivirus. The capture you included here shows "what failed" as mfehidk.sys. This is McAfee Enterprise Host Intrusion Detection Link Driver.

The mfehidk.sys driver mentioned on the blue screen belongs to the McAfee antivirus product. If that's listed each time you get a blue screen then the problem most likely is due to that set of software.

Without something blender specific to go off of here, there's little in the way we can help - this isn't a support forum but rather a place to track reproducible bugs if you have them.

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@Marcus Creighton (Remie_REM_Sleep) Could you share your system information by going to Blender then Help > Save System Info ? You can upload the file by clicking on the upload file icon when editing the task or by using drag-and-drop.

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Thanks again for the report. If the problem persists please open a new report with the required information.