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2.93 Optix + CPU crashes when rendering
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System Information
Operating system: Win 10
Graphics card: 3070 RTX new drivers installed.
CPU : 5800X Ryzen

Blender Version
Broken: 2.93 Optix + CPU option
Worked: 2.92 because it doesn't have this option. Optix alone works well

  • Although Optix+CPU its faster- it breaks down at 1080p res/ 1000 samples.

I have attached the file, Please simulate at least 3 frames.

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CRAZ (123ertyy) renamed this task from 2.93 Optix + CPU crashes at stress tests to 2.93 Optix + CPU crashes at rendering.Jan 26 2021, 12:05 PM
CRAZ (123ertyy) renamed this task from 2.93 Optix + CPU crashes at rendering to 2.93 Optix + CPU crashes when rendering.

@CRAZ (123ertyy) Please attach your full system information to your report by uploading the file saved by Help > Save System Info in Blender.

When you are referring to "OptiX + CPU", do you mean the OptiX denoiser (Render Properties > Sampling > Denoising > Render > OptiX, as is it enabled in your file) or the option for GPU rendering in Edit > Preferences > System where you have a CPU activated as well?

Robert Guetzkow (rjg) changed the task status from Needs Triage to Needs Information from User.Jan 26 2021, 12:12 PM

Please open Blender's installation directory and double click on the blender_debug_gpu.cmd. This will start Blender in debug mode and create log files. Try to make Blender crash again. Once it crashes the Windows Explorer should open and show you up to two files, a debug log and the system information. Add them to your bug report by clicking on the upload button as shown in the screenshot below or via drag and drop. Please also upload the crash log located in C:\Users\[your username]\AppData\Local\Temp\[project name].crash.txt (or simply type %TEMP% into the path bar of the Windows Explorer).

CRAZ (123ertyy) added a comment.EditedJan 26 2021, 2:49 PM

Hi, @Robert Guetzkow (rjg)

The one in preferences.

I kinda failed to make blender crash*. Sorry if its the wrong term, but it hangs in the same state as my previous screenshot. It keeps adding up the rendering time in the information as I have highlighted top left.

As u probably notice, it keeps going on and on and doesn't seem to stop for this simple scene.

EDIT: I think I have an older file which is related to the same project name. Ill upload that here >>>

CRAZ (123ertyy) added a comment.EditedJan 27 2021, 7:20 AM

I managed to crash, but this time when on viewport. A CUDA error.

This file is a different project. Its a very heavy file with the smoke simulation. I thought this might help to track down?


CRAZ (123ertyy) added a comment.EditedJan 27 2021, 8:54 AM

This one should be easier for you because now blender won't let me open the "blender_debug_gpu.cmd" file anymore. I really crashed it for good.

To replicate the same,

  • I baked the smoke sim till 30 frames,
  • added noise bake in simulation.
  • render in viewport.
  • while rendered move in between frames
  • this lead me to crash.

Robert Guetzkow (rjg) changed the task status from Needs Information from User to Needs Triage.Jan 27 2021, 10:55 AM