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Blender 2.8 Recovering unsaved image texture
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Blender randomly closed when going from texture paint mode to layout mode ( it does this often, and yes this is the most recent release of blender) When i recovered the autosave the image texture that i had texture painted in now completely black. However when i go to the drop down menu to select a image texture on the material i can see the texture on the mini icon, meaning that blender still has the texture but has decided to not let me see it? when i view the texture in uv edit mode i also cannot see it. any help is appreciated

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Robert Guetzkow (rjg) closed this task as Archived.EditedJan 29 2021, 2:44 PM

Thank you for your report. Unfortunately, it does not contain the requested information, which are required for us to investigate the issue. Please read this guide, it may help you write a bug report that allows us to fix your problem.

Please create a new bug report through Help > Report a Bug in Blender. We expect all bug reports to follow the submission template. Please provide system information (operating system, GPU, graphics driver version), affected Blender version, previous Blender version that worked properly, a short and precise description of the issue, step by step instructions to reproduce it and, if relevant, a minimal .blend file that showcases the problem.

Please note that the current Blender version are 2.91.2 and 2.83.10 LTS. Older versions are not receiving corrective releases anymore.

Please open Blender's installation directory and double click on the blender_debug_gpu.cmd. This will start Blender in debug mode and create log files. Try to make Blender crash again. Once it crashes the Windows Explorer should open and show you up to two files, a debug log and the system information. Add them to your bug report by clicking on the upload button as shown in the screenshot below or via drag and drop. Please also upload the crash log located in C:\Users\[your username]\AppData\Local\Temp\[project name].crash.txt (or simply type %TEMP% into the path bar of the Windows Explorer).