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Missing icons for the release
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There are typically a few new features for each release that need an icon. We can collect them here and make sure they are added before the release (before Bcon3 really).

Currently missing:

  • Geometry Nodes Editor
  • Line art modifier

Sculpt tools:
Postponed for the next release.

  • Mask Filter Tool
  • Scene Project Brush Tool

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Julian Eisel (Severin) changed the task status from Needs Triage to Confirmed.Feb 4 2021, 1:20 PM
Julian Eisel (Severin) created this task.

This task can be left open and be updated for new releases.

I can help create new icons use Inkscape. I need know icon style, but Human Interface Guidelines not show information about icon style rule:

One idea for Sculpt Tool Icon:

@Chau (BlenderNavi) there are no guidelines yet for the icon style. We need the people who make most contributions there to help out. The Human Interface Guidelines are not active yet, and we generally don't share the link publicly yet to avoid confusion.

One idea for Sculpt Tool Icon:

This looks like a general sculpt tool icon? We are not missing a "sculpt tool" icon currently. Only specific tools for sculpt mode that have no icon yet.

Idea for Mask Filter Tool:

Idea for Scene Brush Tool:

Added Geometry Nodes Editor, the same icon will be used for the modifier. @Andrzej Ambroz (jendrzych) got any ideas?

Idea for Geometry Nodes Editor:

Hi @Chau, that's an interesting idea! I like it

Idea for Line Art Modifier:

@Chau (BlenderNavi) Cool! I think it would be easier to iterate on these ideas on Do you want to share this there?

@Paiva (Hans) Goudey (HooglyBoogly) That link not work. It only show this animation:

Maybe it not work in my web browser: Google Chrome 49.0.2623.112 (64-bit)

My idea for the gn editor based on the general nodes editor icon because i think its good to see the type of editor in the icon

@Simon Sommer (CreatorSiSo) I like the general idea of Your concept. Will try to polish it and make it fit both: the icon matrix and the set style.

Icon ideas for sculpt tools

My idea for the gn editor based on the general nodes editor icon because i think its good to see the type of editor in the icon

I think this could be in the right direction. The only issue is that a cube and a sphere makes me think more of object-level nodes, so this could be used in the future for other node setups (such as Collection Nodes).

How about something like that but instead of a Cube and a Sphere, use Mesh and Volume data icons, @Andrzej Ambroz (jendrzych)? To communicate that volumes can also be edited in Geometry Nodes. Technically Curves will also be possible to edit in Geometry Nodes, but Volume indicates the possibilities better.