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Import scripts for MilkShape3D file formats
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Adds import scripts for MilkShape3D file formats. Both binary and ascii file formats are supported. All type of data is imported: mesh, materials, bones and even animation.

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Including a test file to verify this actually works would be helpful.

Assigning to python expert :)

Committed with binary loader with minor changes and a fix for for faces that are ordered with the 3rd vert a zero index.
Ascii importer not commited, could you please provide an example for testing?

Here is a patch (ms3d_import_new.patch) that fixes a serious bug in the ms3d binary import script and adds support for weights. This patch can be commited now. I also added a simple example file (animated_cylinder.ms3d) what uses weights.

I will do the same fixes for the ascii import script and add an example file for that too, but that will a separate patch later. The ms3d_import_new.patch patch can be commited now.

applied ms3d_import_new.patch Revision: 15242

Here is a patch (ms3d_ascii_import.patch) that finally adds working MilkShape3D ascii file format import script to Blender.
I Also added a test file diablo.txt.
When the patch is commited this patch (#8540) can be closed.

glome - was there an export also? I could have sworn I saw one...

committed ascii importer.

thanks for the patch, closing.

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