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Make App templates more versatile
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This is a report for a feature/design request, asked by Campbell

I'm facing an issue with the way blender manages its python scripts. I'm working in a studio and we deploy Blender with an environment builder (Rez). Blender and all the applications we need for our artists are installed on a dedicated drive.
Currently, we use the env var BLENDER_USER_SCRIPTS to install our app templates into it with the appropriate directory layout. But users don't have the permission to write on the server, which is normal. But, this leads to errors because Blender needs to write presets, like keymaps in the user scripts/presets directory, causing errors.
I've tried to use the BLENDER_SYSTEM_SCRIPTS but it requires to move every blender's modules into each application built upon Blender we need to launch, this is very heavy and dirty.

With @Campbell Barton (campbellbarton), we talked about that a long ago, and I will try to define my need correctly regarding app templates:

  • Either I'd like to be able to start blender with --app-template /path/to/app_template_dir
  • Or having a new env var BLENDER_PROD_SCRIPTS (or whatever the name which suits it) where Blender will look in to load app templates and addons but never ask to write in.