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PyAPI issues after recent changes to add compatibility with Python 3.10
Closed, ResolvedPublicBUG


Recent change in Master to support Python 3.10 changes (re handling annotations) broke several scripts and addons by changing the low-level, undocumented API.

rBde67e3c0c02e: PyAPI: expose bpy_prop_deferred function & keywords

  • Crash when trying to access bpy.types.bpy_prop_collection in python console. rB78c3caf3c1b87f449837b11c903ddeaf00afe7b9
  • I18n messages extraction tool is broken (rB623ddc4aa6fc40).
  • Sphinx API documentation generation is broken (try to run path/to/bin/blender --background -noaudio --factory-startup --python-exit-code 1 --python path/to/blender_src/doc/python_api/ -- --output ./doc_tmp e.g.). rB78c3caf3c1b87f449837b11c903ddeaf00afe7b9
  • Rigify is broken (see large amounts of messages in console: !!! RIGIFY RIG spines.basic_spine: INVALID DEFINITION FOR RIG PARAMETER fk_layers_extra: <bpy_prop_deferred, <built-in function BoolProperty>, {'name': 'Assign Fk Layers', 'default': True, 'description': ''}> rBA37af7e130b998655