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Eevee: Rendering particle hair results in plain white pixels
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Operating system: GENTOO Linux, updated daily
Graphics card: NVIDIA Corporation TU106 High Definition Audio Controller (rev a1)
Graphic driver: x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers-460.67

**Blender Version*"
Broken: after blender-2.93.0-8f2c3c63e970-linux64
Worked: before and including blender-2.93.0-8f2c3c63e970-linux64

Short description of error
Plain white pixels when rendering particle hair (Eevee viewport/render)

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Load attached blend file. Make sure to be in orthographic mode. Viewport-render
with Eevee. Render using camera of scene.
I both cases a lot of plain white pixels appear in the hair.
When changing to perspective mode, only pixels perpendicular to
the view (viewport or camera) are effected.

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macOS 10.14, Intel HD 6000, rB8dc95f61f3dff4e5686c2a278bd44db714065b20