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2.91 download redirection
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2.91 file not available

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Hi ! When I go to 2.91 page , if I click the blue button Download Blender button, I do expect 2.91 file, but it redirects to current flow.

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Please disregard my previous comment, I misread your report.

Pablo Vazquez (pablovazquez) claimed this task.

It's a conscious decision to point the Download Blender button to the latest download available.

Users can come from old blogs/forums linking to old release notes. We want users to always use the latest Blender, in order to prevent reporting bugs that have been already solved or no longer relevant.

The only case where this is different is for LTS releases (while they are actively developed), in which the download button points to the respective page.

To download previous versions visit the Previous Versions section.