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Blender Crashes during python modal operator
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System Information
Operating system: Windows

Short description of error
I did an addon which creates objects in modal mode during mesh editing. And I found that blender crashes during parameters changing. I recorded video.
I attached my addon and a test file.

If I comment a line 395 ( then there will be no crash. The crash happens during objects linking.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

  • install my addon
  • Press Run button as in video
  • rightclick->subdivide
  • change subdivide parameters several times as in video.


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paul geraskin (mifth) updated the task description. (Show Details)
Philipp Oeser (lichtwerk) changed the task status from Needs Triage to Confirmed.Tue, Apr 6, 10:40 AM

Can confirm.
These might be related:

T84647: Crash: Python/Undo related crash in BKE_scene_object_base_flag_sync_from_base (adding manual undo push does not help)
T85436: Separate by loose parts weird result. (same backtrace)

1   BKE_scene_object_base_flag_sync_from_base scene.c              2923  0x35b6ee4 
2   BKE_scene_set_background                  scene.c              2126  0x35b5654 
3   setup_app_data                            blendfile.c          379   0x4c062f6 
4   setup_app_blend_file_data                 blendfile.c          417   0x4c063fd 
5   BKE_blendfile_read_setup_ex               blendfile.c          455   0x4c064ee 
6   BKE_blendfile_read_setup                  blendfile.c          464   0x4c06539 
7   BKE_memfile_undo_decode                   blender_undo.c       96    0x4c05692 
8   memfile_undosys_step_decode               memfile_undo.c       193   0x48f6b82 
9   undosys_step_decode                       undo_system.c        215   0x4c66119 
10  BKE_undosys_step_load_data_ex             undo_system.c        813   0x4c67c2a 
11  ed_undo_step_by_name                      ed_undo.c            350   0x48f4c7f 
12  ED_undo_pop_op                            ed_undo.c            429   0x48f4fc8 
13  ED_undo_operator_repeat                   ed_undo.c            704   0x48f5913 
14  ED_undo_operator_repeat_cb_evt            ed_undo.c            750   0x48f5ac8 
15  ui_apply_but_funcs_after                  interface_handlers.c 964   0x4917e5e 
16  ui_handler_region_menu                    interface_handlers.c 10863 0x4932b7f 
17  wm_handler_ui_call                        wm_event_system.c    693   0x3a2a1ca 
18  wm_handlers_do_intern                     wm_event_system.c    2815  0x3a2f79f 
19  wm_handlers_do                            wm_event_system.c    2931  0x3a2fc56 
20  wm_event_do_handlers                      wm_event_system.c    3348  0x3a30e70

Will tag Core module since this is Undo-related.