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Pen input UI/UX issues
Needs Triage, NormalPublicDESIGN


This task keeps track of the UI/UX related design issues in all Blender mode that don't work as intended or can greatly improved with pen input devices.
If we consider that most pen input devices have at least one button in the pen, this will mostly include feature that rely on mouse wheel events.

Edit mode

  • Number of Cuts of loop cut and slide can't be controlled during modal operation, needs to be adjusted with the redo panel.
  • Proportional editing size can only be adjusted incrementally with keyboard shortcuts instead of with pen gestures (like brushes in all modes)

Event Timeline

Circle select doesn't support resizing either. Also, I think we should have a system for custom pressure curves (like Krita does).

The biggest issue is definitely anything related to scrolling with a mouse wheel. That includes list menus like for brushes, textures and materials.
It is possible to do this with keyboard keys but it is very slow.
There's also the problem of much bigger drag thresholds which can make tweaking or using the active tools with a pen very unintuitive.

Do you think that would be possible to implement a software touchwheel or a touhstrip which can be activated with one of the two buttons on the pen?
Something like: holding the button and dragging to increase/decrease the influence size of the circle? It's similar to the zoom shortcut combination in the end, right?
Wacom is providing a 3d pen with a scroll wheel but it's something they don't usually deliver with their tablet, most of us are using common pens with 2 buttons and I think this is the way to think about this implementation.