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Crash when saving after pressing ctrl+S twice.
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System Information
Operating system: Linux-5.12.3-arch1-1-x86_64-with-glibc2.33 64 Bits
Graphics card: AMD Radeon RX 5700 (NAVI10, DRM 3.40.0, 5.12.3-arch1-1, LLVM 11.1.0) AMD 4.6 (Core Profile) Mesa 21.1.0

Blender Version
Broken: version: 2.92, 2.93.0 Beta (rB1a69d491e57c), 3.0 Alpha (rB067587e32979).
Worked: 2.91

Short description of error
Blender crashes when I click on save in the file browser after pressing ctrl+S twice.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

  1. Open default scene.
  2. Press ctrl+S to open the save file dialog.
  3. When it opened, press ctrl+S again.
  4. Click on "Save Blender File".
  5. Crash.
_BLI_assert_abort() (/home/jacques/blender-git/blender/source/blender/blenlib/intern/BLI_assert.c:56)
wm_handler_fileselect_do(bContext * C, ListBase * handlers, wmEventHandler_Op * handler, int val) (/home/jacques/blender-git/blender/source/blender/windowmanager/intern/wm_event_system.c:2316)
wm_handler_fileselect_call(bContext * C, ListBase * handlers, wmEventHandler_Op * handler, const wmEvent * event) (/home/jacques/blender-git/blender/source/blender/windowmanager/intern/wm_event_system.c:2462)
wm_handlers_do_intern(bContext * C, wmEvent * event, ListBase * handlers) (/home/jacques/blender-git/blender/source/blender/windowmanager/intern/wm_event_system.c:2906)
wm_handlers_do(bContext * C, wmEvent * event, ListBase * handlers) (/home/jacques/blender-git/blender/source/blender/windowmanager/intern/wm_event_system.c:2958)
wm_event_do_handlers(bContext * C) (/home/jacques/blender-git/blender/source/blender/windowmanager/intern/wm_event_system.c:3378)
WM_main(bContext * C) (/home/jacques/blender-git/blender/source/blender/windowmanager/intern/wm.c:647)
main(int argc, const char ** argv) (/home/jacques/blender-git/blender/source/creator/creator.c:520)

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I can reproduce this in 2.92 as well as 2.93 and master. It doesn't happen in 2.91.

Blender 2.83.15 is also not affected (on Windows)

Actually I just got the exact same behavior in 2.91.0 (for Windows).

Interesting, in Linux I cannot reproduce it in 2.91.

Can confirm on Windows for 2.90.
Working for 2.83.15 as well as 2.83.0

Aaron Carlisle (Blendify) changed the subtype of this task from "Report" to "Bug".Sat, May 29, 4:55 PM

@Dalai Felinto (dfelinto) - Interesting, in Linux I cannot reproduce it in 2.91.

Yeah, was doubting myself after seeing other people say otherwise. So I downloaded it again and gave it another try.

Date: 2020-11-25 08:34
Hash: 0f45cab862b8

And it definitely dies, just as described above. But there are further details that might help:

How quickly you press that second ctrl-S makes a big difference. Best to wait at least a second or two between them just to be sure.

This same issue occurs when pressing the "Cancel" Button on the same form. But NOT when clicking the "X" close in the titlebar. This could be a very interesting clue.