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3D Viewport Pie Menus
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Pagename: addons/interface/viewport_pies
Blender Version: 2.92
Documentation Language: en
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Short description of error
preferences/addons/ interface 3d Viewport pie menus = addon inexistent

preferences/keymap/3d view/
options: tab for pie menu, pie menu on drag and extra shading pie menu items all UNCHECKED and pie menu still appears when uses TAB key

please give us a way to DISABLE all 3d viewport pie menus that only HURTS our workflow
Modeling takes TRIPLE time if can't disable 3D Viewport pie menus, WE NEED YOU GIVE US A WAY TO PERMANENT DISABLE ALL PIE MENUS, that could be done by having access to the "interface 3D viewport pie menuS" ADDON but the preference cant find it to disable the pie menus

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Eduardo Blanco (Burannko) created this task.

Might want to not shout at the dev's (Caps).

Have you tried saving preferences and closing and restarting blender? or reverting to Default Preferences, could a another addon (if they are enabled) be causing it?, Tab should just go into Edit Mode by default, which does here for me on 2.92.

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The Add-on "3D Viewport Pie Menus" is separate from the pie menu keyboard shortcut integration built into Blender. Please turn off the add-on to reduce the number of pie menus you have.

After that, Blender should have just a few pie-menus for hot keys like TAB and Z. To disable the TAB hotkey for pie menu, go to the Keymap section of the user preferences in the first section at the top turn off Tab for Pie Menu and if you want, turn off Pie Menu on Drag.

As for all the other pie menus (Keymaps for things like Z and Shift+S), you might have to do a bunch of manual work to get it done, but you can go through the keymap section and find the shortcuts for pie menus and just delete them. That way, the pie menus won't be called if you push that button. If you still want access to those menus, but you don't want them in pie menu form, then you can change the operator being called from wm.call_menu_pie to wm.call_menu ensuring you add the Name"section back in underneath with the _pie section also removed. Here's an example video on how to do that.

As for requesting an option that automatically changes everything from pie menus to non-pie means is a feature request and feature requests are to be made through other channels:

For more information on why this isn't considered a bug, visit:

Pratik Borhade (PratikPB2123) reopened this task as Needs Information from User.Wed, Jun 2, 11:36 AM

"interface 3D viewport pie menuS" ADDON but the preference cant find it to disable the pie menus

@Eduardo Blanco (Burannko) , for that set Display support level to Community and set All in place of "Filter by category" then try to search for the add-on.

reverting to Default Preferences

Loading default settings is actually I would prefer (File -> Defaults _> Load Factory Settings).

Alaska (Alaska) closed this task as Archived.Wed, Jun 2, 11:36 AM

(Alaska already commented When I was typing, So I missed the message. Thanks @Alaska (Alaska) , guess I misunderstood the report)

@Pratik Borhade (PratikPB2123) I may have also misunderstood the report. If you or anyone else does feel like this is a bug report, please re-open it.