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mantaflow instability on high timesteps
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macOS 10.14
Intel HD 6000

Broken ce64cfd6edc2a0ec0aabfd4daaa5f655763cc74b, 2.83.12


Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

  • Add quick liquid to default cube.
  • Set minimum and maximum timesteps to 100.
  • Bake up to frame 70 and watch the liquid explode.

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Hi there,

out of curiosity I tested the influence of the Particle Radius Parameter since it was mentioned in the documentation to influence the volume of the liquid and hence in part the physicallity (see here).

With equal settings I get for r=Particle Radius:
r=1.0: Is the default and can be seen in the original post.

If it had a positive influence I would have assumed to observe it at about 0.6 but no improvements are visible. r=0.5 is obviously too small and r>0.6 features much more of the 'random jets'.

In conclusion:
Tweaking the particle radius does not fix the issue.

EDIT: I used Blender 3.0.0-alpha 0ff1c38fcc8c on Window 10 Home.