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Can't duplicate or copy (Ctrl-C) object from linked file
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System Information:
OS: Debian

Blender version
Broken: 3.0.0, branch: master, Hash: rBb4773334732, commit date: 2021-08-22
Working: 2.92 (2021-02-24)

Short description
In 2.93.3, if I have a project which has objects linked into it from another .blend file, when I try to duplicate one of those objects (e.g. shift-D), it doesn't work.
I opened the project file under 2.92.0, and duplicating works exactly as it should there.

Blender highlights the object with a white outline (which is what it normally does when moving an object), the mouse cursor changes its appearance and obeys my mouse movements, and the status bar follows suit, tracking the cursor position, but the actual object just stays put.

The same problem occurs if I try to copy/paste -- I can select the object and press Ctrl-C, and it acts like it's working, says a data block was copied (or some words to that effect), but then trying to paste fails (says there's nothing to paste).

Steps to reproduce

  1. Load default scene with Cube and save the .blend file
  2. Create another new project, but with some other object. Say, a cylinder.
  3. Move the cylinder off to one side.
  4. Click File -> Link -> Object -> Cube
  5. Select the new cube object in your workspace, and attempt to duplicate or copy it.

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Pratik Borhade (PratikPB2123) changed the task status from Needs Triage to Confirmed.Aug 23 2021, 11:13 AM

Thanks for the report. Can reproduce the described issue on master.

Could not find any old issue to merge the present ticket also I don't not see any points in 2.93 release notes related to this situation. I think this is not intended behavior so confirming the report.

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