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GPencil: Interpolate Sequence crash and quit.
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System Information
Operating system: Linux & Windows10
Graphics card: any

Blender Version
Broken: 2.93.4 & 3.0 Alpha
Worked: 2.83.5

I am a teacher, teach my 140 students Blender Grease Pencil animation.
Some of students ( quantity is 10 ) found this bug:
After draw stroke, in Edit Mode,
make some point Radius bigger, move some points,

I don't know which step cause this error, in 2.93.4 & 3.0 Alpha Blender crash and quit.
But the same blend files, in 2.83.5 run draw--Interpolate--Sequence, is OK.

Steps to Reproduce

  • Open .blend file
  • Draw -> Interpolate Sequence

Test File:

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Can reproduce the crash on master. Thanks for the report :)

blender.exe         :0x00007FF67E0BBD10  mul_v3_m4v3
blender.exe         :0x00007FF679D18FD0  gpencil_point_to_parent_space
blender.exe         :0x00007FF679D4A0F0  gpencil_stroke_need_flip
blender.exe         :0x00007FF679D48B90  gpencil_interpolate_seq_exec
blender.exe         :0x00007FF679778130  wm_operator_invoke
blender.exe         :0x00007FF679777850  wm_operator_call_internal
blender.exe         :0x00007FF6797712D0  WM_operator_name_call_ptr
blender.exe         :0x00007FF679EDBD10  ui_apply_but_funcs_after
blender.exe         :0x00007FF679EE6000  ui_handler_region_menu
blender.exe         :0x00007FF679776DE0  wm_handlers_do_intern
blender.exe         :0x00007FF679776450  wm_handlers_do
blender.exe         :0x00007FF679773850  wm_event_do_handlers
blender.exe         :0x00007FF67975E6A0  WM_main
blender.exe         :0x00007FF679421C90  main
blender.exe         :0x00007FF67E202788  __scrt_common_main_seh
KERNEL32.DLL        :0x00007FFD593E7020  BaseThreadInitThunk
ntdll.dll           :0x00007FFD595E2630  RtlUserThreadStart
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