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Selection input socket position in nodes
Closed, ResolvedPublicDESIGN


Currently, there is no fixed rule about at which place a selection input should be in a node.
Since many nodes will have this input, it might be good to have some convention.

Possible conventions are:

  • Directly after the geometry.
  • Always the last socket.

Event Timeline

I like the last socket the most because it is the easyest to grab(dont have to search where it is) and you mostly use the selection

After some discussion earlier today, we concluded that keeping the selection right after the geometry input is best.

  • Works when there are multiple geometry inputs (to easily tell which selection corresponds with which geometry)
  • For procedural modelling nodes (like Extrude) the selection is the most important input after the geometry. Though for other nodes the selection may be less important (e.g. Distribute Points on Faces), we expect the selection to be mostly used for procedural modelling in the future.
  • The consistency keeping the nodes that describe "a part of the geometry" together is nice.