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Cycles: point cloud geometry improvements
Needs Triage, NormalPublicTO DO


D9887: Cycles: pointcloud geometry type


  • Point Info node with radius, position, random
  • Backfaces are ignored (like curves), which means e.g. volumes inside points don't work.
  • Render as normal or ray oriented disc (see D9887#289012, P2125)
  • Baked shadow transparency support like hair? But must be optional since texturing alpha across the sphere/disc is useful.

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Brecht Van Lommel (brecht) renamed this task from Cycles: point cloud geometry to Cycles: point cloud geometry improvements.Dec 16 2021, 8:52 PM
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Yuro (Yuro) added a subscriber: Yuro (Yuro).

Just tested rendering point clouds with Cycles. Everything is great except there doesn't seem to be deformation motion blur. I did see examples of deformation motion blur in D9887, so just wanted to check if this is expected or not.

It is supported but there can be issues depending on the source of that motion, if it doesn't work you can report a bug.