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Bug on the download page
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System Information
Operating system: windows
Graphics card: dosent matter

The Blender vertion dosent matter : it's on the website

When I tried to download Blender 3.0, I ended up in an FTP server called NLUUG and I'm not sure if I'm supposed to have access to all the contents of the server

On the download page, if I close my browser and reopen it (making it reload the page) I find myself on an FTP server interface named NLUUG, and I have access to the entire content of this server.

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nluug is one of the mirrors (the one in the Netherlands).

I think nluug is all about open/opensource (, you can browse everything by using this URL (independent from the Blender download page)

This does not seem like a bug, wll close, but thx reporting/caring anyways.