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New Curves data block
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This is a follow up task based on discussions we had about T94193.

Currently, the curve object contains three distinct object types: curves, surfaces and text. We want to split those up into separate types, because there is no real reason for why they are combined into a single type.
This task focuses on introducing a new Curves data type which we will also need for hair and geometry nodes processing of curves.

Initial steps:

  • Rename existing (experimental) Hair data block to Curves. In the ui it will be called Hair Curves for now to distinguish it from the old curve type.
  • Decide on and implement exact data structure used for curves.
    • Should be stored compactly in continuous arrays.
    • Should support arbitrary attributes on points and splines.
    • Ideally, the actual curve data structure is embedded into the Curves data block as a separate struct, so that the same struct could e.g. be used for grease pencil.
  • Refactor geometry nodes to use the Curves data block instead of CurveEval. (T95443)
  • Remove the runtime-only CurveEval data structure added for geometry nodes.
  • Render geometry nodes curves as hair in Cycles and Eevee
  • Curves sculpt mode that is mostly focused on hair use cases
  • Curves edit mode, similar to existing curve edit mode

Further in the future:

  • Add existing necessary features from the legacy curve object (features like shape keys may add complexity)
  • Use versioning to convert legacy curve objects to the new curves object
  • Add support for simulations through a generic simulation system involving geometry nodes
  • Use versioning to convert hair particle systems to the new curves object

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