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Rigify Problem
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Hello Dear Reader ,

i am a new blender user and i encountered a problem with rigify. When i add a fresh new armature . and press generate to have a control rig , i get "Generation Has thrown an exception".
I get this error straight out of the box with the no further information . I tried to uninstall then reinstall but the problem persisted. Any idea why ?
Thank you

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Richard Antalik (ISS) changed the task status from Needs Triage to Needs Information from User.Mon, Jun 20, 7:57 PM

Seems to work correctly here on cat rig. Can you provide more exact information (step by step) so we can reproduce?

Did you just get a fresh metarig and generate it? Or did you do something to it?
"Generation Has thrown an exception" usually means that you parented something that shouldn't be parented.

Hello Sir and thank you for the reply .
So as i said i am a beginner so i must be doing something not quite right at this stage , but from what i see from the tutorials , they press Shift+A then choose an armature for basic human , then they press generate , and this is where i get the error .

Yeah but if you change the metarig it may break it. It happens often actually. Can you share a blend file with the metarig?

Hey Todor , thanks for the reply , can you please tell me if what i am doing is wrong ?
1-T pose character selected
2-Shift+A > Armature > Basic > Basic Human Meta Rig
3-After Bones are adjusted > Generate Rig

then i get the error.

Thank you for the help{F13212051}

I don't see anything that you're doing wrong. Selecting your character and its pose (1. in your list) shouldn't matter. Character and rig are only connected after you generate the rig.

Could you try:

1-Shift+A > Armature > Basic > Basic Human Meta Rig
2 - go straight to Generate rig without touching anything else

Yes Todor this is what i did exactly but i get the same error , just without touching absolutely nothing. Sorry for the incovenience :(

Ok, that is definitely strange. You should add your system and blender info and upload a blend file.

Indeed system info would help, Not even sure what Blender version you are using - click on Help > Save System Info and upload saved file here.
Not sure what to do with provided file - it's very complex building with no character in it.

Oh, right there was a file. I didn't notice it. But, indeed, it looks like a wrong file was uploaded.

Hello again and sorry for the late reply , i attached the wrong file , here it is . And please let me know if you need further information.

You've attached a txt file as far as I can see.

From system info I see you are using quite a bit of addons. Can you check if this happens when you click on File > Defaults > Load Factory Defaults, then enable only rigify addon?

Also sample .blend file where this happens would help too.