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Animation & Rigging

This section describes the code design and functional requirements of Animation & Rigging related features.

Core Concepts

To be documented:

  • Animation Channel Filtering, used for obtaining animation channels for drawing in UIs, performing operations, and evaluating animation.
  • Animation Data, how animation data is attached to ID datablocks.
  • Keying Sets and Auto-Keying
  • Armature Skeletal Animation, how pose data is stored, evaluated, and applied.
  • Armature Skeleton Editing, how armatures are created and edited, including bone naming conventions, mirroring, symmetrizing.
  • Constraints
  • Evaluation Pipeline, how animation data is evaluated and applied.
  • Interpolation / Blending
  • Motion Paths
  • Quaternions


To be documented:

  • In-Between tools, like the Pose Breakdowner, Relax To Rest Pose, etc.

To be documented:

  • Dope Sheet and Action Editor
  • Graph Editor
  • Timeline