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Character Animation workshop (2022)

The goal of this three-day workshop will be to come up with a design for a new character animation system in Blender. It'll be the kickoff of a 3-year project Animation 2025.

Presentation and Results

The presentation is available on YouTube: The Future of Character Animation & Rigging: a Q&A feedback session

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Dates & Locations

Date: 24-26 October 2022

Location: Blender Institute

Remote: The main communication channel is #animation-module on Blender Chat. Video meeting will happen via Google Meet on the usual meeting ID.

Show & Tell

If you're joining the workshop, or even if you just want the workshop-peoples to see something you think is important (max 5 minute video), please use this sign-up sheet. It'll help us streamline the process.


Every day, there will be three "sync moments" to make sure online/remote attendees are in sync with what's happening at Blender HQ, and vice versa.

All times are in local time, so CEST / Amsterdam time.

  • 10:00 morning kickoff
  • 14:00 after lunch
  • 18:00 end of day