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Asset Bundles

Starting in Blender 3.0 separate downloads are available for asset bundles. Those bundles are an experiment that will be iterated over during the 3.x series.


Individual Bundles:


  • Building blocks
  • Quick scene draft and layout
  • Start point to customization
  • Ready to play


Each asset bundle is an independent .zip package that can be download and used independently. It contains:

  • bundle_file.blend
  • blender_assets.cats.txt

The assets (.blend) file contains the assets, while also serving as a demo scene to test the assets. The file can also be used as a base to expand the bundle and customize the existing assets. The catalog file (.cats.txt) is used to organize the assets in different catalogs.


The bundle files can be installed from with-in Blender. If the files are changed (e.g., more assets are created) they need to still be self-contained (not depend on external dependencies) to be able to be installed.