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Cycles Papers

An (incomplete) list of papers that we based Cycles code on:

  • Constructing Sobol sequences with better two-dimensional projections (link)
  • Diploma Thesis Motion Blur (pdf)
  • Ray Tracing Deformable Scenes using Dynamic Bounding Volume Hierarchies (pdf)
  • Spatial Splits in Bounding Volume Hierarchies (link)
  • Optimally Combining Sampling Techniques for Monte Carlo Rendering (link)
  • A Practical Analytic Model for Daylight (link)
  • Microfacet Models for Refraction through Rough Surfaces (pdf)
  • Predicting Reflectance Functions from Complex Surfaces (link)
  • Measuring and Modeling Anisotropic Reflection (link)
  • Notes on the Ward BRDF (pdf)
  • A Microfacet-based BRDF Generator (link)
  • Tracing Ray Differentials (link)
  • What is the Space of Camera Response Functions? (link)
  • Fast, minimum storage ray-triangle intersection (link)
  • Understanding the Efficiency of Ray Traversal on GPUs (link)
  • A Ray Tracing Hardware Architecture for Dynamic Scenes (link)
  • Improving Noise (link)
  • Texturing and Modelling: A procedural approach