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Cycles Volume Render

To Do

  • Support BSDFs in volumes
    • Material density output (like displacement)
    • Gradient of density field = normal, compute like bump mapping
  • Multiple scattering approximation with octaves
  • Use ray differentials for volume shading
  • Verify lamp MIS correctness with volumes and mix of surfaces and volumes.
  • World volumes
    • Do we need an option to exclude the world volume from the interior of objects? Some more general mechanism?
    • Very low density should not be optimized out for closures, now there is a discontinuity.
  • Incorrectly connected surface shader to volume socket: detect and ignore? (#39089)
  • Random jitter offset for heterogeneous volumes can use stratified samples
  • Add a user setting for transparency cutoff, as optimization and to make creating opaque volumes possible without infinite density.
  • Ray visibility (partially there)