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Renderdoc is a widely used open source GPU debugger. Blender has several options to benefit using renderdoc for debugging.

Frame capturing

When Blender is compiled with WITH_RENDERDOC=On you can start and stop a renderdoc frame capture from within Blenders' source code.

  1. Add GPU_debug_capture_begin/GPU_debug_capture_end around the code you want to capture.
  2. Start renderdoc and launch from within renderdoc using the --debug-gpu-renderdoc command line parameter
  3. Every time the GPU_debug_capture_begin/end pair is reached it will automatically record a frame capture.


In view3d_draw_view the viewport drawing events can be captured by surrounding DRW_draw_view with the GPU_debug_capture_begin/end function calls.



it is not allowed to land calls to GPU_debug_capture_begin/end in main as they are considered to be debug code.

Command grouping

With the command line parameter --debug-gpu blender will add meta-data to the buffers and commands. This makes it easier to navigate complex frame captures. Command grouping is automatically enabled when running with the --debug-gpu-renderdoc option.

With the command GPU_debug_group_begin(const char * name) a new group can be added. All groups must be closed by calling GPU_debug_group_end(). Many areas already have these debug groups defined.