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Using the CMAKE option WITH_GPU_BUILDTIME_SHADER_BUILDER=On will precompile each shader to make sure that the syntax is correct and that all the generated code compiles and links with the main shader code.

Only shaders that are part of the SHADER_CREATE_INFOS and .do_static_compilation(true) is set, will be compiled. Enabling this option would reduce compile roundtrips when developing shaders as during compile time the shaders are validated, compiled and linked on the used platform.

By default shader builder checks against all GPU backends that can run on your system.

Command line arguments

Shader builder has several command line argument to be selective what will be tested.

--gpu-backend will only test one specific backend. Possible options are:

  • metal
  • opengl
  • vulkan


Not all options are available on all platforms.

--gpu-shader-filter can be use to test a subset of shaders. It only test shaders that have a name that starts with the next given argument.

  • --gpu-shader-filter eevee would test all EEVEE shaders.
  • --gpu-shader-filter compositor would test compositor shaders.
  • --gpu-shader-filter eevee_shadow_tag_usage_opaque would only test that specific shader.


The filter option is useful when developing backend features. Often debug code was added to focus on a single shader at a time.