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Input Mapping

While the following mappings should be respected as much as possible, it's expected that some parts of Blender may have to differ slightly.


Explain which mouse-button and modifier key should do what.

2D Editors

Selectable items in 2D editors (like lists, the Outliner tree, the files in the File Browser, ...) should behave as follows:

  • Right-mouse press selects (and activates) the item and shows the context menu.
    • If the item is already selected, don't deselect others.
    • If the item is not already selected, deselect others.


Selecting and tweaking items are overlapping operations. Getting both to work without conflicts requires special care.

  • Select-mouse press on an unselected item should immediately select it, and deselect all others.
    • If a tweak event is detected before a mouse release, the item should be translated (moved).
  • Select-mouse press on a selected item should not change selection state (no undo push!). It should change the active item to be the clicked one where applicable.
    • If a tweak event is detected before a mouse release, all selected items should be translated (moved).
    • If a release event is detected, but no tweak event, all items but the clicked one should be deselected.

Implementing this behavior is a bit tricky. Utilitiy functions were added to make things easier. As a reference for using these, check 7dea058546.

Note that for most editors, this behavior makes a tweak tool unnecessary.


Whenever scene data selection changes, an undo push should be triggered. Conversely if selection did not change, no undo push should be triggered. Neither should UI data selection changes cause undo pushes, for example selection in the File Browser.