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Guideline status

Needs approval

Tooltips are little popups that give more information about the element under the mouse cursor.

General rules

Follow the general writing style guidelines.

What tooltips should contain:

  • The name of the item, not followed by a period.
  • A description of the item (see below).
  • A "disabled hint" for disabled buttons: If a button is disabled, this text will explain why. (TODO document how to set this!).
  • The shortcut, if any.
  • The library path, if any.
  • Additional useful information (expressions for drivers, BPY path, etc. - These fields may be automatically generated and may be disabled through a Preference option).

The Item Description

Tooltips should first and foremost be helpful. If more than a short sentence is needed to achieve that, by all means, use more than one. Yet, try to keep it short. In other words: Short and to the point.

  • It is recommended to start descriptions with verbs. Using the imperative conjugation generally works best.
    Don't: "The factor determines** how the geometry end factor is mapped to a spline"
    Do: "Determine how the geometry end factor is mapped to a spline"
  • Do not use more than a couple of lines, try to stick with two or three.
  • Use full sentences (periods and commas are allowed).
  • It's fine to mention examples of situations where you might use the tool.
  • Do not document default values; these can change and are hard to keep updated.
  • Do not use the described term to explained itself.
    * Limit Surface
    Don't: "Put vertices at the limit surface"
    Do: "Place vertices at the surface that would be produced with infinite levels of subdivision (smoothest possible object)".
    • Proportional Editing
      Don't: "Enable Proportional Editing"
      Do: "Transform the neighbouring elements in a falloff from the selection"
  • Explanations of how the result is affected by different values are fine.
    "Higher values reduce render time, lower values render with more detail."
  • Only describe the positive state of a toggle, not the negative
    Don't: "Hide in Viewport"
    Do*: "Show in Viewport"
  • Do not use redundant words such as "enables", "activates" etc.
    Don't: "Enables snapping during transform"
    Do*: "Snap during transform"