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Adding a Geometry Node

The best way to learn how to add a geometry node is to read through recent commits that have done the same thing.

A good example is this recent node addition: 48b08199d5

A few changes are necessary:

  1. Add the definition for the node type (GEO_NODE_*) in the nodes header.
    • This integer is used in some places to access the node type without its string idname
  2. Add a new file with the node's implementation in the geometry nodes folder.
    • This file initializes the node type when Blender starts. The node type contains its inputs/outputs, execute callback, and other functions.
  3. Add the definition for the node in NOD_static_types.h.
    • This defines the node type's idname, RNA struct name, and its description.
  4. Add the name of the new file in CMake.
  5. Add the node to the add menu in Python.