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Copyright Rules

Before submitting a contribution or proposal to channels, please read the following carefully.

The Blender project encourages originality and innovation in all aspects of the development process. We expect contributions or modification proposals on to be presented with original mockups and designs that are self-explanatory, using concepts and methods that build on top of the rich original design history of Blender itself.

References to Other Software

Contributors to channels should avoid using references to proprietary or strictly copyrighted software products. In cases where it is essential to mention such a product, limit it to referring to public information that’s (for example) on a website like Wikipedia.

We do not allow copyrighted elements from proprietary software being added to any part of Blender, most importantly because that would violate the proprietary software’s EULA. Any user of proprietary software should be carefully aware that you don’t enjoy the freedom to share that. A freedom you obviously do have for everything we do within the Blender project.

The moderators and administrators on reserve the right to remove screenshots or texts they consider potentially damaging for Blender. In case you’re in doubt about posting something, please ask for advice from one of the Blender module team members.

Guidelines for Developers

These guidelines can help protect both you and the Blender project.

  • Document work in ways it shows the design process and ideas you explored. Use websites for posting articles, designs, videos, etc.
  • Stay away from mentioning commercial packages in user and technical documentation. There are exceptions for a few specific cases, like compatibility for interchanging data with other software.
  • Publicly present your work as endorsed or commissioned by Blender Foundation, and as a member of the Blender development team.
  • Credit Blender or and open source licenses when sharing work on own websites where needed.
  • Optional: assign copyright to the Blender Foundation.

Guidelines for developer logs, docs & blogs, August 2011