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User Feedback

Blender has magnitudes more users than people who are involved with making it. That makes handling user feedback and feature requests - or even tracking them sanely - nearly impossible.

Instead we try to organize ourselves in ways that development and users can cooperate closely. For each module in Blender, there's a small and competent team working on it - including users helping out. Feel welcome to use our channels and get involved with making Blender better.

Feature Requests

Right-Click Select is the official website to gather feature requests. The content is community maintained, and developers regularly read it to find out what the most requested features and improvements are.

Getting feedback on a public forum like can help you find out if there is an existing feature requests, alternative solution, or even if the feature is already under development or available.

Important in feature requests is to motivate why the feature is needed, as there are usually multiple possible solutions. Understanding the request well is important to help developers find the right design for Blender.

Feedback on Ongoing Development

Users are encouraged to test daily builds. If you find something that is broken, please Report a Bug. Bug reports are essential to making Blender stable.

Developers are encouraged to start topics in the Feature & Design Feedback section of the forum. Here users can test features and changes under development, and provide feedback before the final release.