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Weekly Updates

Every Monday an update report is published to devtalk. This is the one document to direct anyone interested on finding about what is happening in Blender.

This report is compiled by multiple hands:

  • Announcements: Everyone.
  • Modules and Projects: Modules and project members.
  • New Features and Changes:
    • The list of commits is organized manually, but cleanup and fix commits are filtered out automatically with this script:
      git log \
          --no-merges \
          --since 7.days.ago \
          --pretty=format:"%h%x09%ar%x09%s \
          (\[commit\]( \
          (_%an_)" \| \
          grep -v "Fix " \| \
          grep -v "Cleanup:"
  • Welcomes, final edit and publishing: Development Coordinator (Thomas Dinges).

Weekly Reports

Developers funded by the Blender Foundation are expected to post weekly reports about their work. These are compiled in the weekly updates post.