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Code Quality Day

The team will work together on making the Blender code easier to understand, rather than focusing on bugs and other tasks. This will help in the long term, making it easier to work on Blender for new and experienced developers.

What: A full day dedicated to improve the Blender code quality.

Who: Blender Foundation developers and any other contributors.

When: The first Friday of every month.

Where: The coordination will happen in the #blender-coders channel on

Example Tasks

  • Proposed tasks (T73586).
  • Add code comments, like explaining non-obvious code or giving high-level overviews.
  • Rename obscure functions and variables.
  • Rename poorly named structures and members in DNA (with aliasing to keep compatibility).
  • Rename data structures and functions for consistency.
  • Split up big files into more organized smaller ones.
  • Simplify and clarify code through refactoring.
  • Write or update wiki documentation with a high-level overview of modules and algorithms.

The idea is to do smaller tasks that can be completed, reviewed and committed within a day.


Refactoring tools can make operations like renaming quicker and safer. We recommend using: