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Release Branch Merge Playbook

How to handle merge/commit scenarios

Fix committed to main, should have been in release branch

  • git cherry-pick commit from main in release branch.
  • Merge release branch to main as usual.

Someone forgot to merge release branch to main

  • Merge yourself if there are no conflicts, or conflicts are easily resolved.
  • Otherwise poke the developer to merge to main.

Bugfix has unintended changes

  • If the issue is critical (e.g. crashes in common scenario, data corruption), revert immediately.
  • If not critical:
    • You can take a few hours to find a fix if you have time.
    • Otherwise revert.
  • Remember to re-open any resolved issues when reverting.

Oops, I merged main into the release branch

  • Notify #blender-coders, get an experienced developer to help.
  • The strategy to revert will be:
    • Revert the merge commit in release branch, carefully check git log and diff, then push to release branch.
    • Merge release branch into main.
    • Revert the revert commit so main is again in state it should be.