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Geometry Node Tests

Adding tests for Geometry Nodes

Geometry Nodes tests are located under lib/tests/modeling/geometry_nodes

  • Open Blender.
  • Go to Geometry Nodes Tab.
  • Add a new Node Tree.
  • Add the node to be tested.
  • Rename the default object to test_object.
  • Save the blend file under any existing category (mesh, points, curves ...)
  • If the category doesn't exist, add a new folder with the .

Running the test

Test under an existing category

  • Compile blender.
  • From the terminal, go to the build folder.
  • Run cmake ./.
  • When running the test for the first time, set the BLENDER_TEST_UPDATE flag.
  • Run test using ctest.

Test from a new category

  • Update the CMakelists.txt located in tests\python to add the new category (Search geo_node in the file).
  • The rest of the steps are same as above(Tests under Existing category).

More Resources:

Check out the Tests section - Setup, Automated Tests and Python Tests.