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BuildBot automatically builds and tests Blender and its documentation on all supported platforms.

This page provides an overview of how to use the BuildBot for Blender developers.

Daily Builds

Buildbot automatically builds the master branch and any release branch under active development.

  • Nightly builds are packaged and made available on download page.
    • Builds are code signed for Windows and macOS.
  • On individual commits: only compiles and runs the tests.
    • A range of commits is collected once the branch is stable for at least 15 minutes

Pull Request Builds

Pull requests on can be built using blender-bot commands, to test for build issues or to make a package available for download. It is highly recommended to test any non-trivial changes on the buildbot before merging.

Pull request must generally must be up to date with the latest main branch to build successfully. For security reasons, only developers with commit access can start such builds.

Branch Builds

Branches can also be built using blender-bot commands. For this put the comment in an issue relevant to the branch.

Branch builds remain available for 30 days, or until a newer revision of the branch is built.

Manual Triggers

Only a few developers have accounts on to trigger and cancel builds there. It is recommended to use blender-bot instead when possible. Anonymous users cannot start any builds, this is restricted for security reasons.

Developers with an account can click on the "Anonymous" button in the top right to log in.

Branch Builds

To build a branch:

There is a mechanism to automatically build and deliver specific branches every night, for specific temporary projects like cycles-x and studio-spright-fright.

Pull Request Builds

To build a pull requests:

  • Go the builders page and click the vexp-code-patch-coordinator builder.
  • Click Trigger Patch Build.
  • Fill in the pull request ID (e.g. #1234).
  • If the build must be made available for download, enable Needs package delivery.
  • Click Start Build.
  • Follow progress of the submitted jobs, logs can be inspected for each platform.
  • Successful builds will appear on

Eventually, the plan is to support automatic builds for code review.


Builds from the buildbot are used for official releases.

Once the release cycle in BKE_blender_version.h is set to release (or rc for release candidates), all the necessary packages, installers and hashes will be generated.

Store Delivery

There are automatic builders for delivering builds to various app stores.

  • Steam
    • Builds are automatically uploaded every night
    • daily (master), daily-3.3 and daily-2.93 Steam branches are automatically associated with the latest builds
    • default, 3.3, 2.93 and similar branches are manually associated with automatically uploaded builds in Steamworks on release
  • Snap:
    • Builds are automatically uploaded every night
    • latest/edge, 3.x/candidate or 3.x/beta, 3.3lts/candidate and 2.93lts/candidate tracks are automatically associated with the latest builds
    • XXX/stable tracks are manually associated with automatically uploaded builds in the Snapcraft store on release
  • Windows Store:
    • Builds are not automatically uploaded, however a .msix package is made every night

Build Configurations

  • release is used for packaged builds, both daily and patch builds.
  • asserts is used for non-package builds, both daily and patch builds. The only difference with release is that it enables asserts to catch bugs in tests.
  • sanitizer is an experimental option to use address sanitizer for patch builds. The goal is for this to replace asserts to catch more bugs in tests, once it is passing tests and working reliably.
  • debug is an option to make a debug build for patches.

Builds Listing API

A simple JSON API to list all available builds is accessible at<category>/?format=json&v=1

For example, querying will return the daily builds.

The format of the response is a list of objects like this:

        "url": "",
        "app": "Blender",
        "version": "3.3.11",
        "risk_id": "candidate",
        "branch": "v33",
        "patch": null,
        "hash": "ae9665bc449f",
        "platform": "linux",
        "architecture": "x86_64",
        "bitness": 64,
        "file_mtime": 1692882641,
        "file_name": "blender-3.3.11-candidate+v33.ae9665bc449f-linux.x86_64-release.tar.xz",
        "file_size": 197542184,
        "file_extension": "xz",
        "release_cycle": "candidate"

File Naming Convention

When automatically downloading builds, please use the JSON API. Below is the current file naming convention, but this may change in the future.

Format description:


Example file name:


Example regular expression for parsing web page download:

$regexp = '^(?<app_id>(blender))\-' + `
    '(?<version_id>[0-9]+\.[0-9]+\.[0-9]+)\-' + `
    '(?<risk_id>[a-z]+)\+' + `
    '(?<branch_id>[A-Za-z0-9_\-]+)\.' + `
    '(?<commit_hash>[a-fA-F0-9]+)\-' + `
    '(?<platform>[A-Za-z0-9_]+)\.' + `
    '(?<architecture>[A-Za-z0-9_]+)\-' + `
    '(?<build_configuration>(release|debug))\.' + `

The element <branch_id> is trimmed of redundant information such as blender- and -release words from the branch name of all release branches.

Archived Builds

Archived builds can be accessed by selecting the All Archived Builds link.

These are available for a maximum of 90 days, then they are purged from the system.


Name Definition Notes
Coordinator A coordinator is a builder that allows users to input choices to create multiple builder requests. Only coordinators can send build requests to other builders.
Builder A builder is responsible for creating new builds from build requests. Normal builders may not start new build requests. See coordinators above.
Worker A worker corresponds to an environment where builds are executed.
Scheduler A scheduler is a component that decides when to start a build. The decision could be based on time, on new code being committed or on similar events. They always trigger coordinators.