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tea: Gitea command line tool

tea is a tool to interact with


Install tea. There are pre-built binaries available here. Or you can build it from source by following the build instructions.

Generate an access token:

  • Go to user Setting > Applications.
  • Type in any name (e.g. tea) and click Generate Token.
  • To be written: inform about scopes. Some users might want to check read:public_key or notifications to be able to use certain commands)
  • A banner will appear with <your-token>, copy it for the next step (you don't need to save it).

Add a new login:

tea login add --name=blender --url= --token=<your-token>

Finally, you should see your login listed with your username from

tea logins

Optionally, you can set this login to be the default login with:

tea login default blender

Useful Commands

Checkout pull request #123.

tea pull checkout 123