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Google Summer of Code - 2021 Projects

Progress updates for 2021

Current State

1st evaluation - 12 - 16 July
Final submission - 23 - 30 August


Development Forum

All Blender and code related topics will go to the devtalk forum. Here students will also post their weekly reports, and can ask for feedback on topics or share intermediate results with everyone.

For real-time discussions between students and mentors. Weekly meetings will be scheduled here as well.


Google has granted 8 projects for the Blender Foundation.

Adaptive Cloth Simulator

by Ish Bosamiya
Mentors: Sebastian Parborg, Sebastián Barschkis

Curve Improvements

by Dilith Jayakody
Mentors: Hans Goudey, Falk David

Display simulation data for rigid bodies and cloth

by Soumya Pochiraju
Mentors: Sebastián Barschkis, Sebastian Parborg

Knife Tool Improvements

by Cian Jinks
Mentors: Howard Trickey

by Fabian Schempp
Mentors: Jacques Lucke, Hans Goudey

Regression Testing of Geometry Nodes

by Himanshi Kalra
Mentors: Habib Gahbiche, Jacques Lucke

UV Editor Improvements

by Siddhartha Jejurkar
Mentors: Campbell Barton

Video Sequence Editor strip previews and modification indicators

by Aditya Jeppu
Mentors: Richard Antalík