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Google Summer of Code - 2023 Projects

Progress updates for 2023

Current State

The information in this page still to be populated through the duration of the Google Summer of Code.

1st evaluation - 10 - 14 July
Final submission - 28 August - 4 September


Development Forum

All Blender and code related topics will go to the devtalk forum. Here contributors will also post their weekly reports, and can ask for feedback on topics or share intermediate results with everyone.

For real-time discussions between contributors and mentors. Weekly meetings will be scheduled here as well.


Google has granted 5 projects for the Blender Foundation.

Flamenco Improvements

by Eveline Anderson
Mentors: Sybren Stüvel

VSE Waveform Drawing Performance

by Lucas Tadeu Teixeira
Mentors: Richard Antalik

UV Editor Improvements

by Melissa Goon
Mentors: Campbell Barton

Shader Editor Node Preview

by Colin Marmond
Mentors: Brecht Van Lommel

Outliner Tree Refactoring

by Almaz Shinbay
Mentors: Julian Eisel