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Google Summer of Code - Application Template

Students will have to submit a proposal on the GSoC website based on the template below.
You can submit a draft proposal early on, get feedback and iterate on it.
The proposal must be submitted as a final PDF before the end date.

Be sure to read Google's guide to writing a proposal and our getting started page.


Project Title

Please provide the title of your proposed project.


Please provide your full name.


Where can we contact you? Add here your email, Blender chat nickname, social network handles and website.
If you frequent our #blender-coders channel on, let us know your nickname.
If you have a web page you'd like us to know about, please include it. You can mention your Facebook, Twitter or other identities!


A short description of your project idea.


Describe how your project will improve Blender.

How will it benefit the artists using Blender for 3D content creation? Will it be an aid for future Blender development?


Provide a summary of the final output or results of your project in terms that are understandable by artists and user the community.

How does it integrate in Blender and how does it cooperate with the rest of Blender's features?
Note that end-user documentation should be one of the deliverables.

Project Details

Elaborate your project idea. Here is the place to add technical explanations, architecture diagrams or UI/UX mockups.
Make sure that your vision is clear and avoid fuzzy promises that you aren't sure about. If you have doubts, research and ask for feedback and clarifications beforehand.

Project Schedule

Specify how long the project will take and when you can you start.

Add a timeline with the breakdown of the work. Include milestones with deliverables.


Leave at least a week at the end to cope with delays.

Please note any time that you will be unavailable during the project period. Will there be school exams or other events that conflict with the schedule?


Tell us a little about yourself. What are you studying and where? What activities do you enjoy?

What is your experience using Blender or other computer graphics programs? What code development projects have you participated in so far? What is your level of proficiency with C, C++, Python and programming in general?

What makes you the best person to work on this project? If you have any history submitting bug fixes or patches to our tracker, please indicate what you have done.


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