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Blender 2.79: Animation

Pose library

Poses are only keyed for bone selections

  • Poses in a pose library can now be ordered. (19268fbad)
  • Adding a pose in a pose library only stores keys for selected bones. If no bones are selected, all bones are keyed. This restores a feature lost in version 2.57. (601ce6a89c)

Frame Change Undo

The animation workflow is more smooth now that all frame change related operators are grouped together. Let's say the animator tries a new pose, and then do a few frame changes (scrub a few frames, go to a marker, go to the previous keyframe). Previously if the animator wanted to roll back the pose, she would need to undo multiple times, while nervously risking facing a filled undo stack. With this change undo will quickly bring back the previous pose, bypassing all but the first frame change operation.(8f2e6f7e)

Other Improvements

  • Add animation channel option to make it always visible regardless of selection. (98c7e75897)
  • The Breakdowner tool can now be constrainted to work on specific transforms and axes, by pressing the following keys while the tool is active: G (translate), S (scale), R (rotate), B (bendy bones), C custom properties, and X Y Z for the corresponding axes. (c374e9f1f5)
  • Motion paths now have options to customize the line thickness and color. (404e59c842)
  • Add support for Rotational Difference drivers on objects instead of only bones. (98045648ab)