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Blender 2.79: Mesh Modeling


Surface Deform example: Cloth simulation copied to an arbitrary mesh with rings as duplifaces

  • New Surface Deform modifier: allow an arbitrary mesh surface to control the deformation of another, essentially transferring its motion/deformation. One great use for this is to have a proxy mesh for cloth simulation, which will in turn drive the motion of your final and more detailed mesh, which would otherwise not be suitable for simulation. See the surface deform documentation for details.

Surface Deform Modifier User Interface

  • Displace modifier with direction X/Y/Z/XYZ can now work in local or global space. (e0a34e963f)
  • Displace modifier support for multi-threading.
  • Mirror Modifier: add offsets for mirrored UVs.

Other Improvements

  • Delete Unlocked Vertex Groups in vertex group list menu. (cf8f6d1dbc)
  • Set custom normals from selected faces in the Normals section of Shading tools, Set Normals from Faces operator. (dd6fa94dc6)
  • Improved center of mass calculation for mesh centers. (37bc3850ce)
  • Sculpt dynamic topology constant detail is now a resolution value. (6271410)
  • Mesh intersect has a new Cut separate mode, keeping each side of the intersection separate without splitting faces in half. (a461216885)
  • The Monkey primitive now has default UVs. (a070a5befa)
  • Improved default UVs for UV Sphere and Icosphere. (a070a5befa)
  • Screw Modifier now has remove doubles option (useful for closing off end-points) (584523e0ad)