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Blender 2.79: User Interface

Application Templates

Application templates are a feature that allows you to define a re-usable configuration that can be selected to replace the default configuration, without requiring a separate Blender installation or overwriting your personal settings. (f68145011f)

For more details, see the application templates documentation.

Shortcut Keys

  • Support for customizing shortcuts of button interactions. Shortcut editing has been enabled for:
    • Eyedropper operator (Default shortcut: E)
    • Keyframe operators (Default shortcuts: I to insert, Alt+I to delete, Shift+Alt+I to clear)
    • Driver operators (Default shortcuts: Ctrl+D to insert, Ctrl+Alt+D to delete)
    • Keying Set operators (Default shortcuts: K to add to Keying Set, Alt+K to remove from Keying Set)
  • NDOF navigation can now be used during border and circle select.
  • Transform manipulator now allows pressing Shift before selecting the axis.
  • Cycling through tabs with Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab is now possible in the properties editor, tabbed tool shelves and user preferences (718bf8fd9d)
  • An entire vector or color can now be copied and pasted using Ctrl+Alt+C/Ctrl+Alt+V, instead of just a single value. (4e95a9069e).

Automatic DPI

High DPI displays on Windows 8.1+ and X11 are now better supported. The interface is now automatically scaled with the system DPI. On Windows multiple monitors with different DPI are supported as well. For X11, the DPI is based on Xft.dpi or xrandr --dpi, which is set for most desktop environments. (fe3fb23697)

The user preferences now have a Display Scale setting in the Interface tab, to adjust the size of fonts and buttons relative to the automatically detected DPI.

Other Improvements

Uv Editing tools

  • For disabled buttons, more tooltips show the reason why the button is disabled now. (6f80604509)
  • A Modifiers tab has been added to the NLA & VSE editors to match the behavior of the Graph editor. (65c8937f7e)
  • Sequencer properties shelf has been cleaned up to better use space. (415ff7467c)
  • UV editing tools have been added to the toolshelf in the UV/Image editor. (8b0fbb909b)
  • 3D view now support using both orbit selected and orbit depth at the same time, using cursor depth if nothing is selected. (a1164eb3dd)
  • Image empties now support multi-view stereo. (fffb1a4)
  • Add-on duplicates warning now includes paths in the User Interface. (112e4de885)

Example of a disabled property tooltip