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Blender 2.80: Animation & Rigging API

Fix in PoseBone.bone Behavior

The PoseBone.bone property now correctly sets id_data of its result to the Armature ID, instead of keeping it pointing at the armature Object (1c106e18).





The main consequence is that now object.pose.bones\[...\].bone.driver_add() correctly adds the driver to instead of object.animation_data.

Bone Matrix Utilities

  • Bone and PoseBone have new utility methods for bone roll math and B-Bone shape. (a58f0eea)
    • Bone.MatrixFromAxisRoll()
    • Bone.AxisRollFromMatrix()
    • pose_bone.bbone_segment_matrix()
    • pose_bone.compute_bbone_handles()
  • Bone provides access to the parent-child transformation math with arbitrary matrices. (48a3f97b)
    • bone.convert_local_to_pose()

Keyframing Utilities

  • Added method for conversion between strip and scene time for NLA tweak mode. (27d097e9)
    • anim_data.nla_tweak_strip_time_to_scene()
  • Added more flags for use in object.keyframe_insert(). (ebc44aae)
  • Added a new fcurve.is_empty property for easily detecting when the curve contributes no animation due to lack of keyframes or useful modifiers, and should be deleted. (b05038fe)
    • Such curves are now ignored by animation evaluation code, so this cleanup can be safely postponed until the end of a complex editing operator, even if it changes the current frame or otherwise triggers evaluation.


  • Hook Modifier now provides direct access to the bound vertex index array. (3f788eac)
    • hook.vertex_indices, hook.vertex_indices_set()
  • New method to delete all Shape Keys of an object at once. (c7ec6bb7)
    • object.shape_key_clear()
  • New utility for creating a custom property with default value, limits and other UI settings in one call. (40dd9156)
    • from rna_prop_ui import rna_idprop_ui_create