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Blender 2.80: Helper Modules

Various helper Python API modules have been added, removed or changed.

Shader Node Import / Export

With the removal of Blender Internal, all materials are now node based. However shaders found in external files usually have a fixed set of parameters. To ease import and export of such shaders bpy_extras.node_shader_utils was added, replacing the earlier cycles_shader_compat.

Differences compared to the earlier system:

  • Both import and export are supported, instead of only import.
  • Based on Principled BSDF, instead of a custom shader setup.
    • Custom shader setups not using the Principled BSDF are ignored, and default values are exported instead.
  • Value conversion and clamping is left to each IO add-on.
  • Based on accessors to support:
    • Lazy creation of only the required nodes and links on first access.
    • Write checking to avoid modification when exporting shaders.

Example code:

import bpy

from bpy_extras.node_shader_utils import PrincipledBSDFWrapper
from bpy_extras.image_utils import load_image

# Import
mat ="Material")
mat.use_nodes = True
principled = PrincipledBSDFWrapper(mat, is_readonly=False)
principled.base_color = (0.8, 0.8, 0.5)
principled.specular_texture.image = load_image("/path/to/image.png")

# Export
principled = PrincipledBSDFWrapper(mat, is_readonly=True)
base_color = principled.base_color
specular_texture = principled.specular_texture
if specular_texture and specular_texture.image:
    specular_texture_filepath = principled.specular_texture.image.filepath

For a more complex code example, see bundled addons like the OBJ or the FBX importers/exporters. Import this free OBJ cat model gives a shader setup like this:

Noise Module

Noise and Metric Enumerators

Enumerators in 2.7x were implemented as module level constants. These have been changed to string enumerators:


noise.noise(position, noise_basis=noise.types.BLENDER)


noise.noise(position, noise_basis='BLENDER')

Noise Type Naming

When transitioning to string enumerators, the following changes apply:

noise.types.BLENDER         -> 'BLENDER'
noise.types.STDPERLIN       -> 'PERLIN_ORIGINAL'
noise.types.NEWPERLIN       -> 'PERLIN_NEW'
noise.types.VORONOI_F1      -> 'VORONOI_F1'
noise.types.VORONOI_F2      -> 'VORONOI_F2'
noise.types.VORONOI_F3      -> 'VORONOI_F3'
noise.types.VORONOI_F4      -> 'VORONOI_F4'
noise.types.VORONOI_F2F1    -> 'VORONOI_F2F1'
noise.types.CELLNOISE       -> 'CELLNOISE'

Orientation Helper

The orientation_helper_factory type generator (used to create a base class with custom orientation defaults, and common properties that are used by the axis helpers in code) has been removed. Instead, a more pythonic orientation_helper decorator has been added.


from bpy_extras.io_utils import (

IOFBXOrientationHelper = orientation_helper_factory("IOFBXOrientationHelper", axis_forward='-Z', axis_up='Y')

class ImportFBX(bpy.types.Operator, ImportHelper, IOFBXOrientationHelper):


from bpy_extras.io_utils import (

@orientation_helper(axis_forward='-Z', axis_up='Y')
class ImportFBX(bpy.types.Operator, ImportHelper):

Removed Modules

  • The extensions_framework module was removed.